Testimonial : Saïga – 2023

Saïga already had a TPLO on his left paw two years ago, and I’m satisfied with it, but his convalescence period was rather long and I sometimes felt tired, especially when walking in the forest for more than 3 hours.

After discussing the matter with my vet, I decided on a different option for his right leg: reconstruction of his cruciate ligament, a method I found appealing in concept and above all because the expected results were promising.

Today, 2 months after her surgery, I can say that had I known, I would have immediately chosen this reconstruction option.

After 10 days, she had already regained full mobility and it was very easy to manage; and 2 months later, she was still in great shape. I sometimes notice a slight limp after long outings, which seems more related to her first surgery.

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