Testimonial : Rex – 2016 et 2017

Rex is very playful and dynamic. After rupturing the cruciate ligament on his right paw in 2016, my vet suggested a technique that is still experimental, known as “minimally invasive” and low-risk, suitable for active dogs, as it enables rapid recovery.

We have a large garden, and he loves being outside, so I opted for this one after extensive enquiries.

In 2017, the cruciate ligament on his left leg ruptured.

Given the results of the first surgery carried out in 2016, having had no worries and noticing my dog’s ever-present liveliness, I immediately asked for this technique to be applied again.

3 years after his first surgery, and 2 years after the second, Rex is still as active as ever and has no after-effects.

I’m very pleased that my dog is one of the first to benefit from a new technique, and hope that he will serve as an example!

+ 4,000 dogs operated

Fast, lasting recovery for the animal.