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General brochure

Browse our general brochure for a brief history of STIF – Pet Care and an overview of the products we offer: the Z-lig for cranial cruciate ligament reconstruction, the H-lux for round ligament reconstruction, and the L-ten for Achilles tendon reconstruction.

You’ll also be able to discover the specific instruments we’ve developed to facilitate your surgeries with our implants and improve your efficiency during them.

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Round ligament reconstruction

The H-lux is used to treat round ligament injuries following hip dislocation.
Based on the same concept as the Z-lig and L-ten, its use ensures solid anchorage of the implant, enabling immediate mobility and lasting results.

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Achilles tendon reconstruction

The use of L-ten, our synthetic free-fibre tendon, enables the ruptured tendon itself to be reconstructed, always with the aim of enabling the animal to recover quickly and achieve reliable, long-lasting results.
This alternative means that an external fixator can be dispensed with, improving the postoperative period.
L-ten can also be used for other tendon ruptures, such as patellar and quadricipital tendons.

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Cranial cruciate ligament reconstruction

Rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament is frequently treated by compensatory surgeries (extra-capsular, osteotomies).
STIF – Pet Care offers a new and innovative alternative, with minimally invasive surgery performed under arthroscopy, allowing the ruptured ligament itself to be reconstructed using Z-lig, our synthetic free-fiber ligament, for immediate, reliable and long-lasting results.

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Technical documentation for fibers

SGS test report

Our implants have been subjected to a whole series of mechanical tests. They were studied and improved during an R&D phase lasting over 7 years, before being offered as they are today.

The free-fiber ligament is best suited to in-vivo biomechanical stresses, while the Z-lig is the synthetic implant that has been most thoroughly studied and tested, between 2 million and 12 million cycles depending on the tests performed.

Here are some data on the results.

Note: we will only include the documents in the file, i.e. :

test conditions
Free vs. crossed fiber test

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Histological study

This histological study showing fibroblastic invasion of the synthetic ligament was carried out by biopsy during revision surgery for meniscus damage.

Here are the results 1 year after reconstruction of the cranial cruciate ligament: transverse and longitudinal sections show the multiplication of fibroblasts, and the creation of Neo collagen.