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AFVAC Congrès 2023

STIF – Pet Care will be making its first appearance at the AFVAC Congress in Lille, from November 30 to December 2. These events are an integral part of our business; we want to be

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The Z-lig, a unique implant

Le Z-lig est un ligament synthétique très spécifique, notamment par: 1 – Ses propriétés mécaniques : L’architecture des “fibres libres” est la plus adaptée aux contraintes mécaniques qui existent dans le grasset. En effet, elles

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Histological study

The fatigue resistance of our implants is the most advanced to date, thanks to the use of free fibers, particularly on the Z-lig, which still retains 90% of its initial strength after 12 million cycles.

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ESVOT Congrès 2023

STIF – Pet Care was present at the ESVOT congress held in Venice last October. The Z-lig and other implant ranges were very well received, and our presence led to constructive exchanges with veterinary surgeons.

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Mechanical properties

La R&D pour mettre au point du R&D to develop Z-lig tel began in 2010. We carried out a series of mechanical tests to determine which fibers would be best suited to animals: smaller fibers

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